Freelance Writing

Editing is only some of what I do. Like you, I am also a writer. Having sat on the other side of the editorial desk, laboring over draft after draft to find just the right words, I can truly sympathize with writers’ concerns. Below, you’ll find links to some of my own writing.

Losing Everything, Losing Nothing (Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife)

St. Mary, Icon of Vocation (Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife)

All Kinds of Barrenness (He Remembers the Barren)

Why You Should Hire a Writer or Editor (The F-Suite)

‘Gospel-driven’ approach to character formation helps students find identity in Christ (Reporter)

Forgiveness: A Journey Worth Taking (Part I of III) (Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife)

Forgiveness: It Can Be Messy (Part II of III) (Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife)